What's Special about Shetland Salt?

Shetland's nutrient-rich sea water is home to premium quality seafood which exceeds every chef's expectation at top restaurants, hotels and fish  mongers around the world.

We (mother and daughter team, Kaye and Laura) are very proud to hand-harvest and package every single jar ourselves.

Firstly we obtain pristine seawater from local fishing boats who sail a few miles offshore to ensure there are no pollutant run-offs.  Water is collected near mussel farms as this provides a natural filter.

The water is then carefully hand filtered and evaporated and the resulting salt is hand-harvested to give nothing but pure salt crystals.

Our Range

*Original Shetland Salt
* Smoked Shetland Salt 

We currently have two products in the range but we are trialling new flavours and hope to expand the range very soon.