Our Story

Starting in the family kitchen, Shetland Salt came to fruition in November 2016.

“I had for years attended aquaculture shows with my husband and had noticed that there nearly always seemed to be a local salt unique to the area. No two salts are the same and are a reflection of the environment they come from. I wondered why in Shetland, when we are surrounded by the most pristine waters we didn’t produce one. I spoke about it so much that my family finally told me to either get on with it, or not mention it again. So I did.” – Kaye Sandison, Founder

After a trip to Anglesey to Wales to learn about the salt making process, we returned to our home in Shetland with a growing desire to deliver a product that would do Shetland proud.

As we perfected our production technique, interest in our initial products grew and grew. We were successful in securing EU LEADER programme funding, which enabled us to convert 3 outbuildings in our garden into boiling, drying  and packing sheds. We began selling in Scoop Wholefoods and via direct postal orders, and now sell in 14 local outlets, with interest from all over the world including orders from Canada and USA.

Our small family team used lockdown as a time to perfect the process and the salt, resulting in the product we have today. We have successfully upgraded our Great  Taste Award from a 1 to 2 star.

As we look to the future, we are excited to continue producing salt from Shetland’s waters. We have aspirations to upscale to keep up with demand and hope to continue expanding to larger outlets throughout Shetland, Orkney and the rest of the United Kingdom with flavoured salts on the horizon.

Award-Winning Salt


“Lovely glistening crystals of sea salt. There’s a marked, immediate salinity but an appealing, broad mineral spread across the palate. There is good length to the minerality, and it’s a really pleasant effect. A pleasure to crumble between the fingers, too – easy to adjust application and salinity.

There’s a good sharp mineral quality to this salt that has a little sweetness to it as well. The flakes are not too hard, which judges like also.”


“Good even, coarse and rugged crystals. It’s a clean-tasting, simple salt flavour with a good crunch. This is the type of salt we would sprinkle on top of foods rather than cook with.

Beautiful looking crystalline, glistening coarse flakes of sea salt, which are pure white. There is a broad spectrum of flavour which goes on and on in the mouth. The minerality comes through after the initial salt flavour and it is a salt that keeps on giving.”

“A very clean and natural looking salt, a mix of sizes and shapes. The salt has a great flavour, a real sea water saltiness, just like when you accidentally swallow a bit of sea water and it lingers in the back of the mouth.  It was felt the firm texture and and size would be best suited for cooking as it was hard to crumble. 

Bright white generous crystals of salt with a lovely crunch. The salt leaves a real seawater taste on the palate and would be a great accompaniment to food both as an added seasoning and in cooking. Authentic and appealing.”


“These beautifully white crystals are quite large, but they melt quickly and pleasingly in the mouth. The flavour is clean and sweet and without any harshness. This is delicious salt that had judges instantly thinking about its possible uses in the kitchen.

Gorgeous flakes of crumbly salt which is slightly damp. Vivid in its flavour – full of ozone and seaside brightness. Great clarity of flavour and very clean on the palate. A delicious and excellent salt.

Clean crisp pure white crystals with a wonderful mineral content and a complex yet clean flavour profile.”